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10 Best Luxury Travel Destinations

Best Luxury Travel Destinations

The literal meaning of luxury is something that is bought by spending a great amount of money. We know that the world is full of luxury destinations. There are hotels that offer royalty, private beaches to spend a thrilling time with your loved ones. Food that makes you want it more and more. No matter, how much we talk about having a financial crisis or business going in loss – people can always make a little space for the adventure. Now if you start thinking about luxury as the pure richness of experiences and different lifestyles, you can achieve it by traveling around the world. 

However, whatever it is in your mind, we can tell you about the places that are not only rich in culture and experiences but they have some royal accommodations and restaurants too. You have almost 5-6 months left for 2019 and it is the perfect time to start planning your next voyage in 2020. Therefore, We have organized a few ideas that may help you narrow down your choices. 

Let’s walk through the journey by dividing these places into three categories: 

Must visit countries in 2020

You can find many companies around the world that offer luxurious holiday plans. Some of the economical packages also serve the purpose of comfort and convenience in a great way. Remember that the choices of life tell a lot about a person. So, be wise while planning your next journey and make it according to your interests. 

  • Dubai 

Dubai is of the most advanced countries in the Middle East. So, far it is a global village that is full of expats from various backgrounds. Dubai can be a real treat for someone who loves enjoying luxury. Dubai is famous for royalty, skyscrapers and yachting. I would also advise skydiving and golf clubs. Nightlife is amazing too, and so far it is famous as the safest country in the Middle East. Be ready to explore exotic hotels, international cuisines and culture from all over the world. 

  • Thailand

Thailand is love and it is not only about the beaches. Other than the beaches, it has dazzling temples and fun-loving culture to explore. You will find various forests, peaks to the mountain and of course an impressive series of beaches. The nightlife of Thailand is no less than a party night and cuisines give you special cultural touch. Bangkok is a preferable city for the party and also weddings, you can plan your luxurious wedding or throw a surprise bachelorette party for a friend.  Don’t forget to book for the most famous Thai massage. 

  • Mexico

Mexico has been recently in the news due to some birder conflicts. I know it is not a great sign, but there is nothing be afraid about. You can still enjoy your Mexican holiday at the stunning place. There are architectural wonders, a lot of history and calmness prevails in all over your mind when you explore off beaten and quiet places of Mexico.  You will also find some top-snitch hotels, especially in Mexico, so, don’t miss the comfort of the trip at any cost. 

  • Greece

Greece is the city that has already captured many hearts and the experience of living in Santorini will capture your soul too. Beaches, nightlife, hiking adventures and romantic getaways are quite common among Greece travellers. Be the one to take up the journey and have a thrilling vacation in Greece.

Must visit Cities in 2020

We understand budget limits. Anyone can have a financial crisis, but the heart can be beaten for the beauty to explore. So, here we are with the cities that can help you with affordable yet luxurious holiday time.   

  • Kerala, India

We know India is most famous for spicy food and culture. But one city has always been an exciting experience for tourists. Kerala has the charm to grab the attention of tourists. You can enjoy lush greenery, wildlife, rivers, beaches and hotels that offer top-class accommodation including all other facilities. 

  • Fanjingshan, China

This city of China has topped the list of the best places in national geographic too. So, you don’t want to take the chance of not visiting this popular place. Another fact about the place is that it is included in the list of UNESCO world heritage. It is wild out there, especially for hikers and wildlife explorers. Book your hotels in advance and do make a list of top restaurants. 

  • Canterbury Region, New Zealand

New Zealand is without any doubt a perfect luxury for travellers. This is a terrific terrain for the visitors and also Olympic fans. Yes, you may know about the amazing race known as GODZone. Even if you are unable to reach for the race competition, you can explore it on your own by hiking. 

Islands to explore in 2020

I believe that life has to be uncertain, it doesn’t need to be reasonable all the time. So, this time, set yourself free from the normal and embrace the surprises in your way. Explore the mentioned Islands and admire the beauty. 

  • Maldives

The Maldives is the perfect Romantic getaway for every new couple. If you really want to experience the luxury, opt for the luxury cottages by the side of the sea. Beaches and sunsets of the Maldives have an unbeatable charm. So, why not?

  • Canouan Island

The breezy Caribbean island can be your next holiday destination. You can avail the facility of living in world-class hotels. Get a personal butler service, jaw-dropping beach views and enjoy a beach day. The island is expensive and not reachable for many people. So, if you have a great opportunity then give it a shot. 

  • Ischia, Italy

I am sure this enchanting beauty has created many authors or writers. The calmness of the place forces you to feel the emotions. The silence in Ischia Island and louder than the city rush, but it is relaxing for the mind. There is a famous Neapolitan Novelist named, Elena Ferrante, who has written many books on romantic stories. The writer has discussed this beautiful place too. My Brilliant Friend is a recent launch that has successfully grabbed the attention of aspiring writers and authors to explore the setting. You can enjoy writing workshops too while living in any of the luxurious hotels on this land. 

In Conclusion

In the end, luxury is dependent on the budget. So, you have it, pick up a phone or book online travel packages to any of the above-mentioned places. Enjoy the ride that you are afraid to take!!





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