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Backpacking to the landscapes of New Zealand

Backpacking To the landscapes of New Zealand

Backpacking feels like a precise version of the life. In routine, we carry emotions, fondness, and ideas by storing them in our minds. In backpacking trip, we have all the basic essentials in our bag, while we happily ramble on the uncertain roads and climb up the mountains.

However, in all these years of establishing my own business and gathering courage to achieve goals without any fear – I discovered my crazy side. A person who is soft-spoken as well as too kind to be hateful is a rare individual with a crazy personality. Well, now we know that everyone has their crazy side and a little trip to the hills of New Zealand can help you explore it.

Backpacking and then on a solo adventure can be an overwhelming idea for many of us. I am a little bizarre about this narrative because I am more comfortable being alone. You can easily achieve the sense of freedom, the only burden you have on your shoulders is your backpack.

Before you get all set for the trip, ensure your travel insurance and know about the country. You should have more than 1 month to be around in New Zealand. If you have less time, you can’t do justice to this stunning country.

About Weather

The ideal weather for traveling to New Zealand is in summer. You might be surprised by the fact that November to March is the month of summer! Winter is from May to August. Summer is more ideal because of the mild temperature. Traveling and hiking are a lot easier in this comfortable climate.

Where to stay?

If you are not too picky, you may choose to stay in hostels. They are not only inexpensive but also an exciting place to meet other like-minded travelers. Also, if you travel alone, you don’t have to choose expensive hotels with frills you don’t use, but without any edgy experience of backpacking.

Reasons to choose New Zealand for Backpacking

Your interests may vary, but the enchanting scenery of this country is breathtaking. You can go through the pictures available on the internet. Trust me, they are mesmerizing. If you are still looking for inspiration, we can help you find those reasons – and you should be ready to plan the perfect trip to New Zealand.

Exquisite Landscapes

The wide range of landscapes in this lovely country will never disappoint you. It is one of the places that we all admire and want to stay. Go through the remarkable South Island, it is full of surprising and wonderful places. What I can promise you – you will never tire of it.


Maori is the main culture in all over New Zealand. So, you can judge that people are always eager to tell you about their indigenous norms and traditions. You can get in touch with the locals and mingle around without being judged on any level. If you are naïve about the Maori culture, you can have an insightful look into their rich collection of literature, art, and films.



Do you possess the soul of a frantic voyager? If yes, then Adrenaline is calling you out loud. Listen to it and plan your amazing trip. Bungee jumping, skydiving and jetting are the main activities to enjoy precious moments of life. This can also be a great opportunity to overcome your deepest fears. Sometimes, all we need is the courage to fly, the wings can grow in the way of the journey. So, trust the process and fly high at the altitudes without any fear.

Hiking Activity wherever you go

It is one activity that you can enjoy in almost every place in New Zealand. You can say that the country is home to hiking. It also saves money but offers you the best scenery. You can find a long list of places and tracks to hike in New Zealand.

Climb up the mountains, enjoy camping and immerse yourself in the astounding beauty of New Zealand. You can find the details of the tracks on their official DOC website. Choose a short day trip or plan multi-day hiking to enjoy the real stunning beauty of the land.

Is it safe for hitchhiking?


Travelers are often worried about this. Yes, New Zealand is completely safe for it. However, the element of risk will always remain there. So what now? You are on an adventure trip and little risk is quite normal. Apart from that, people are quite friendly and they will never shy away from facilitating you. If you’re still concerned about safety, you can always go for the option of local transport. They are cheap and safe in every way.

Moreover, remember one thing. You are in New Zealand this one time, make it count! Budget your trip and plan for the experiences you’re excited about, but leave some to chance. Some of the best travel experiences are discovered that way.

Travel till your shoes wear out!


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