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Chefchaouen – The Blue Beauty of Morocco

Chefchaouen – The Blue Beauty of Morocco

Do you have a travel companion who is also a great photographer? If you don’t, I’d highly recommend that you find one before taking off for Chafchaouen, Morocco! The city gives you numerous scenic views for mind-blowing photography and soulful interaction with nature. The city has been highly popularised through through Instagram and Pinterest. The northern part of Morocco is always eye-appealing for visitors. Tourists claim to have the most fantastic evenings and holidays at this beautiful side of the country.

Remember that Morocco is not just another country for adventure, but it has the charm that can capture your heart and soul for at one glance. However, the Instagram famous city of Chefchaouen is all about breathtaking sceneries and startling views of the city.

Suitable time to Visit Chafchaouen

The best and most suitable time of visiting Chefchaouen is spring and autumn. Both seasons have favourable weather. You can enjoy the breathtaking scenery with these mild temperatures. As it is a mountainous area, it creates the perfect backdrop for scenic photo opportunities. All for the ‘Gram right?

How to get there?

As Chefchaouen doesn’t have an airport and it is in your favour only. You can enjoy the views that will ‘blue’ away from your mind. It will be a lovely road trip for you where you can enjoy the best from the town of Chefchaouen. Tangier and Fez are the close cities from where you can book your trip to Chefchaouen.

Things to know about Chefchaouen

Before you go out of the way and plan your most amazing trip to Chefchaouen, let us take you through the insights of the city.

·        Blue Pearl of Morocco

Blue Pearl of Morocco

The city is also known as the blue pearl of Morocco. Given by the name, you might have guessed it already that the streets and most houses in Chefchaouen are blue washed. Spanish inquisition brought the trend of painting the city blue. No doubt, it looks awesome and ravishing in its own way.

·        Maze of streets

One of the inspiring things about the town is its maze-like streets. I don’t know about you but has always been an inspiring mystery for me. So, in this city, I got a perfect chance to lost my way and then find it. Just remember to exercise general caution as you do travelling in any city. Overall, the city is quite a safe place but you can expect some greedy stalkers. They may corner you to make a quick buck as foreigners are their easy prey.

The maze-like streets are such a refreshing experience. Feel the freedom and let your heart be its own hero at every step of exploration.

·        Souks for the culture

   Souks for the culture

If you are looking into the culture or want to mingle with local people around you, bring your camera along but be careful of taking pictures of strangers. It is ethically and morally responsible to ask before taking someone’s photo. The souks are the best way to explore the core of the culture. What do they eat? What they wear? How they live? How do locals bargain? You can find answers to these questions and many other questions only by strolling at the souk and mingling with the people.

·        Explore at the Kasbah Museum

Museum of the Kasbah

Kasbah Museum is one of the historical and most famous places that you should visit while exploring the town. If you are a culture enthusiast, it will help you get through the cultural outfits and heritage of the country. It can also guide you about some famous antiques from the past along with the time of Jews reign at the city. It displays regional costumes along with music and art history. Indulge yourself into the magic of culture and be ready to blow away your mind with it.

·        Hiking the Rift Mountains

Hike in the Rif Mountains

Hiking is a second love for the outdoor lovers and Rift Mountains are worthy for your hiking passion. Now, when you will be walking towards the Spanish mosque, that way lead right behind of the waterfall of the Ras el’ Ma River and the view is picturesque.

·       Akchour Waterfalls and God’s Bridge

If you want to explore it little further, Akchour waterfalls and God’s Bridge is an only 45-minute drive away from Chefchouen and trust me, you don’t want to miss these two marvelous places. If you can get early enough, you can visit both places within the day.

·        Camping

If you are traveling on a low-budget, you may want to consider staying in camps. There are some companies that provide luxury yet simple camping facilities, or, you can plan it on your own. Camping is fun for travelers, it can teach you many travel lessons and numerous tips and tricks for survival.

Wrapping up

The town may be small but has the charm to allure a wanderer hidden inside you. This city is a delight of cultural norms and beautiful scenes. So, plan your trip through vacation packages and begin the journey of pure enchantment.



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