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Hidden Gems in Croatia


Croatia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It is renowned for places like Dubrovnik and Zadar. But there is much more to discover. Unlink well known Croatia’s destinations in Europe there also some hidden places known by local people, not every tourist gets to see them because they have no knowledge about those hidden gems in Croatia.

Pupnatska LUKA:

Pupnatska LUKA

The perfect place to get your diving gear on and check out local marine life. The water is utterly still and transparent. May is a good time to visit this beach, the water is perfect blue. The beach is sheltered on every side and it’s generally as perfect a place as you’ll ever find. It is great for snorkelling but there are no facilities you have to take your own drinks and food along with you. This place is absolutely stunning. You need to see it, to believe it.

Gdinj, Hvar Island:

Gdinj, Hvar Island

Gdinj is a beautiful village near Hvar in Croatia. Hvar is the capital of the island which bears its name. Gdinj is not just one village but a group of eight villages in one place.  It is the heart of island Hvar. Houses in there are made up of local stones, proud representatives of the typical Mediterranean architecture.

The most magnificent building in Gdinj is “Church of St. George”. This church was built in the Renaissance-Baroque and it dates back to the sixteenth century. Grapceva cave gets the attention of visitors. It is located in the village of Humac. This cave is the natural shelter for ships of all sizes. Besides, its beaches are very attractive.  

Beach Sakarun:

Beach Sakarun

Zadar is the city in Croatia and Sakarun is one of the most famous beaches in Zadar. This beach gained its reputation with the whiteness of the sand and clear sea. It is surrounded by pine trees that provide shadow in summer. It is 3.5-meter-deep from the shore which means, the bathing area is very safe, even for children. On the beach, there are two catering facilities that offer refreshments.



You probably have never heard of Bobovisca. It is a small village in Croatia. It is a good place for those who want to enjoy peaceful, and isolated holidays. But there is much more to this village that one could guess. This village may be small but has a share of history. It has the cultural inheritance of old Roman and Byzantine ruins, as well as the remains of Illyrians civilization. Bobovisca is located on a lovely spot, surrounded by a green and calm atmosphere. It is quiet aspiring for artists and poets. Several influential verse writers have been born here, including Jorjo Cerinic and Luka Halat. It is also the resting place of celebrities. Croatian soccer player Mario Mandzukic bought a luxurious villa in Bobovisca.  

Postria, Brac island:

Postria, Brac island

Postira is a small Mediterranean town located on the northern side of Brac island in Croatia. It is beautiful in every season. But in January this village decorated with almond-bloom. When the cold northern bora winds clear the sea and the landscapes, Postria shows its hospitality. Many bays and beaches come to life. Lovrcina, a very beautiful sandy beach and a breathtaking sight.

Komiza Town:

It is the well-known town for its winemaking process on Vis island. It is becoming very popular as a beach resort. On the north side of the town, there are a few beaches. Gusarica beach is wide and pebbly on the northern edge of the Komiza. There is a café- restaurant near the beach which is a great place to have coffee or cocktail while sheltering from the sun. There is also one more famous beach Kamenice beach in the South of the town. This beach has a bar/club/disco. It is a good place for late night beach parties. St Nicholas Church from the 12th century on the top of the hills and Castle and Fishery Museum is your place for tourists.  

Lastovo Island:

It is genuine heaven for lovers of nature, sandbanks, sailing, good food and wine. Lastovo is open to tourists. With its unspoiled beauty, this island is famous for its carnival festival in which all the island residents participate by wearing the beautiful folk costume.  Lastovo is Croatia second most distant island, remains at the edge of the world. Number 46 has special meaning to Lastovo because there are small 46 islands, 46 church, 46 vineyards in it.

Croatia’s hidden gems are not finished yet. Stinivia bay, Dugi took (Croatia’s longest island), Badija Island, Pomena beach are true gems of Croatia, are worth exploring beaches and amazing places.



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