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Switzerland – More than a romantic getaway


There is little contention on the fact that Switzerland is the most desirable place for honeymooners. But people with the love of solitude are also attracted to this mesmerizing beauty. Backpacking in Switzerland is quite a different experience than any other country in Europe.

Switzerland is not only famous for the romantic getaway but its majestic mountains, delicious fondue, and Swiss banks are making a huge difference around the world. If you are planning your trip to Switzerland, you should keep a budget in mind. Many people wait until they get lucky (wealthier) to visit this beauty. If you see it in another, more positive way, this country is less-crowded due to its expensive itineraries – which means a lovelier journey and experience!

Pack your bags and hop on the airplane and let your solo journey commence.

In spite of her reputation for being an expensive country to visit, this lovely country has some solid reasons to be listed high on your bucket list. If you are having any other opinions about visiting Switzerland, here are the deciding factors for you. It has spectacular scenery, luxury accommodation choices, Hiking trails and loads of cheese & chocolate.  

Let’s see what and how you should visit out there.

Hiking in the Swiss Mountains

Hiking in the Swiss Mountains

I don’t know about others but the travelers like me prefer hiking on their trip. Other than shopping around, we love to be around stunning sceneries and the works of art by Mother Nature. It soothes the mind and frames our perspective. Swiss mountains are the purest treat for any traveler. Areuse gorge is a marvelous place to continue your love for hiking. If you are traveling in winter, this place is even better in this season. The mountain transport systems would be closed due to snowfall but you can find ways to give yourself a chance at this hiking spot.

This place gives time away from crowds. Although it is famous the place has the most soothing effect that never disappoints. You can enjoy this trail with family and kids but strollers and other large accessories are not recommended.

Lauterbrunnen Valley

Lauterbrunnen Valley

If valleys were in charge to bring peace and tranquility, the world would never be a victim of war. Lauterbrunnen Valley is one of the places with rocky cliffs and lush greenery. It is probably a favorite holiday destination for tourists. The charm of the village will want you to come back every time you will think about the holidays. Stobaugh Falls is Europe’s highest free-falling waterfall. There is a hiking path to explore the village and admire the beauty.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva

At the shoreline of Geneva, there is a small town that reflects another mesmerizing beauty of Switzerland. The lake is located at the north side of the Alps. You can join ongoing events or just explore the town on your own. This small town is awarded for the best adventure spot. From zipline to the fun-filled adventure on trails is enjoyed by the families.


It is a perfect place for the people seeking outdoor adventure on their trips. You will all Alps is one of the towns that has preserved heritage from years. There worth visiting cathedrals, casinos, the Olympic museum and many galleries reflecting the complete culture of the town. For the best trip, you can reserve last-minute travel plans with amazing companies out there.

Moreover, Switzerland is a country of beautiful valleys. There are small villages that are home to breathtaking sceneries. Ride on the cruises and experience the allure of crystal clear waters. Reserve your time for some adventurous sports and hiking is like a never missing chance. It is not a country to explore in one go. You will need a lot of time to explore each nook and cranny.

One thing that everyone should keep in mind that Switzerland is not the cheapest country to visit, so if you’re looking for a budget-friendly trip, you should stay in a hostel and eat simply. You may not find this a great idea – but it is worth sacrificing on some luxuries to enjoy the other treats that this country of stunning beauty can offer.


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