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The most haunted places in Peru


Did you like telling ghost stories as a kid? Do you enjoy a good scary movie? Whether you believe in ghosts or not there is nothing like an old ghost story.  Peru is full of ghost stories and other paranormal activities. Peru is better known for mountain spirits, mummies, and ancient aliens and still it has its share of specters and haunted places.

Here we look at some of the spookiest places in Peru, including haunted hotels in Lima, eerie abandoned houses in Cusco, and a palace that even the former President of Peru says is cursed. 

Ghosts of the Gran Hotel Bolivar, Lima.

The historic Gran Hotel Bolivar located on the Plaza San Martin in the historic center of Lima. This plaza was built in 1942, the hotel has hosted many visiting celebrities over the years Ava Gardner, Julio Iglesias, John Wayne, Orson Welles, and Santana. 

But this three-star hotel has been involved in paranormal activities by terrifying both guests and employees.  Those activities include a ghostly woman in white, she is believed to be a long-dead former employee of the hotel and the ghost of a woman who had previously thrown herself from one of the hotel windows. The fifth and six floors of the hotel have been closed to the public due to extreme paranormal activity.

The White lady of Real Felipe Fortress, Callao.

The real Felipe Fortress in Callao (part of the Winder Lima Metropolitan Area) is famous for ghost stories for many years. It was built in the 1700s to protect Callao’s port against corsairs, pirates, and rival nations. This fortress must have seen battles, blood, and death.

 It is said, at midnight footless ghost of lady La Perricholi appears on the king’s tower. This woman was both entertainer and the mistress of Manuel de Amat Y Juniet, this man finished the construction of Real Felipe Fortress. The other ghosts including prisoners, soldiers, and most annoying, the ghost of 2 years old child, whose footprints have been seen on the cold stone floor of the fortress.

The Haunted House of Lunahuana, Canete Province.

Lunahuana is a small town about 100 miles away from Lima. It is a calm and peaceful place. It is famous for wine and river rafting. La Casa Blanca (The white house) is the haunted house of Lunahuana. It is 15 minutes away from the village. This nondescript house has a very dark past. According to local legends, in the 1880s, during the Pacific War, soldier’s marched into this house and brutally killed the house’s owner and his family. But it is said the people who died here, actually never die. Years later, the owner’s granddaughter moved in here with her family but soon the family fled because the family observed unusual activities i.e. sounds of burning carts, the screams of children, men, and women. This house was purchased with the aim of converting into the hotel but the project was soon abandoned.  There are many other stories followed including one tale of the teens who came from Lima to camp in this area. They saw lights and music coming from the house, they went to investigate but they enter in the house suddenly the music stopped and lights disappear. One of the youngsters turned and ran toward the road and was hit and dead by a passing vehicle. 

The Ghosts and Goblins of the Government Palace, Lima.

Former President of Peru Alan Garcia said that Lima’s historic Government Palace is home to a supernatural entity. In 2011, during the final months of his presidency, he experienced unusual things happening around him. In his interview, he said, “At 3 in the morning a visitor come from centuries ago and wanders the palace especially the second floor”. He also said, his employees reported the presence of a creepy creature, an elf or goblin, in the garage.

The Sinister House on Saphi Street, Cusco.

A few blocks from Cusco’s historic Plaza de Armas there stands a house with a dark history. It is three-stories, large, unfurnished house on Saphi Street. It has been abandoned for more than 70 years. According to local legends, a man beat his lover to death in this building years ago. Some people say, a family lived in this house and one day they found dead with no apparent cause of death. People have heard strange noises and cries coming from this building and everyone is afraid to approach alone in this building. Not alone this building but weird incidents happen in the surroundings of this street. In 2013, a 36 years old man named Castillo thrown his 3-day old boy onto a bonfire because he and his followers thought the child was an antichrist.  Castillo was later found dead, hanging from a beam in the house on Saphi Street. Local people say the house gives him punishment for his grisly crime.


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