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Tour of Ireland in 3 days – Is it possible?

Tour of Ireland

Are you one with a stubborn heart? If yes, why would you ask about what is possible? Stubborn people are never worried about the destination. All they care about is executing their plan and enjoy a marvelous journey without fearing failure or disappointments. No one can deny the fact that Ireland is the city that persuades people to stay for a longer period of time. I was already famous for being stubborn, so, being called nuts for planning a 3 day trip to Ireland was not a problem. My family, colleagues, and friends agreed that I was insane.

Adventurous souls like me are rarely bothered by all these names. We don’t allow them to stop us from achieving something in life. Ireland is famous for the perfect road trip and people always mesmerized by this idea. If you’re really interested in taking up the challenge, we have a little exploration guide to help you with the execution of your dream.

Now, when I have convinced you – let me break it to you. It is not possible to explore Ireland in 3 days. You can only go through the highlights of the country. The itinerary of Dublin is quite a possibility for many travelers. You don’t have to lose hope, you can still enjoy this unique country, steeped in a compendium of wonderful history.

Highlights of Ireland in a Weekend

I can totally relate to the people who are stressed out from their office routines. Sadly, if that’s you, you may not have ample time to explore the countries for more than 1 or 2 weeks at the most. So, get the benefit from the weekend and let the thrilling journey begin as soon as possible. Here is the list of places to enjoy Ireland over a weekend.

  • Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

Spare an hour from your day after freshening up in the hotel and join the guided tour of Dublin Castle. This is not only a remarkable castle with the finest architecture, but the history is also alluring. You will get to know more about ancient history and the way Ireland has survived during the British rule. You can get to play or wander on the grounds for free. However, access to the other areas and guided tours may require a small fee. If you’re planning a proper itinerary, you can purchase the ticket in advance. There are some travel sites and companies offering this facility.

  • Ha’penny Bridge

Ha’penny Bridge

Officially, it is called Liffey Bridge, but since we are the people who love remembering things by their nicknames. So, here we come with the name of the Ha’penny Bridge, which was proposed because it had a Ha’penny toll to cross it after construction. You can enjoy the view of the city while crossing through the bridge. This bridge had to go through some reconstruction phases, but it is still a charming place of the city.

  • Grafton Street

Grafton Street

High-end stores and shops with perfect cultural representation are worth the visit. You’re into shopping or not. You can’t resist the temptation of exploring the market. You will find buskers there, ever ready to entertain the visitor. There are some street-side cafes and they serve a lot more than typical Italian food. Don’t forget about the colorful Irish doors, you can find them everywhere, but they are attractive for at least one picture.

  • One day at the Burren and the cliffs Moher

cliffs Moher

Cliffs of Moher and Burren are hard to ignore. Climb up higher to get the best view of incredible cliffs. Regardless of your duration of stay in the city, you can never miss this golden chance of this enthralling beauty.

You can rent a car to move there. These places are offering the calmness of mind along with the soothing idea of a peaceful mind. Many of us travel but lack the sense of feeling the emotion of the place. Well, this is one place that moves the core of your soul.

  • How to get around?

The basic idea of traveling around the city or out of it – always a bus! Reserve a seat and you will reach at your desired destination in no time. Now, get going!



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