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Things to Visit and Experience in Valencia

Things to Visit and Experience in Valencia

Spain has maintained its image of a perfect holiday destination for a long time. No matter how many years have passed but the land of history and art is still a lovely place for travelers and enthusiasts. The best thing about Valencia is that it is less crowded. Despite being the 3rd largest city in the country, visitors still prefer Madrid and Barcelona over it.

However, you can still get a chance to go through fantastic architecture, traditional blend of cultural norms, and fabulous cuisines at the cafes in Valencia, which offers both advantages of offering beach as well as city tours. Let’s take a journey through the old history of Spain.

Historical Places at Valencia  

If you are more interested in the old town and classic history of the city, then Plaza de Virgen could be the best place to start your trip. Wander around the old town streets, visit the churches, and enjoy the astonishing view of the traditional city of Spain. You will not only get to know about history, but the hotels and restaurants are also offering their best services to their visitors, and they treat travelers in a special way. Let’s start a journey from visiting historical places in Valencia:

·        Valencia Cathedral

Valencia Cathedral is nestled between two squares Plaza de la Reina and the Plaza de la Virgen. The mixed architecture of the ancient mosque and cathedral has given this place a special unique character. You can enjoy the view and also go wild taking memorable shots there for the family album.

·        Valencia Central Market

Shopping is the most essential part of any journey. Any voyage is incomplete without taking a tour of the central market. The central market of Valencia is providing all the essentials, including food items. The market is full of vibrant colours and aroma of the deliciousness.

·        La Lonja – Silk Exchange

La Lonja is listed in the UNESCO heritage. It is no doubt one of the astounding and famous monuments in Europe. The upper floors were once used as the prisons. Explore the architecture and learn more about the city and its history. You can’t miss this magnificent space, with its columns and the aura of inspiration.

·        Plaza de la Reina

It is known as the hottest meeting spot of Valencia. You will find a lot of other attractions around the Plaza de la Reina. Santa Catalina church tower is the nearest attraction, and there is a cathedral where you will visit Miguelete Bell Tower. The square is famous for bars, pubs, and parlors. Barrio del Carmen is renowned for the most luxurious nightlife. Also, you will find many shopping opportunities around the town. Public parking is also available so, a visitor can walk down the city and explore the beauty on the feet.

·        Valencia City Hall

Impressive clock tower and majestic beauty of the building is, without any doubt, the most inspiring place for visitors. The city hall building is a fantastic place with the perfect view for memorable pictures. The square in front of City Hall – Plaza del Ayuntamiento – closes to traffic on the last Sunday of each month, so people can enjoy a stroll, markets, and other special events. It is open from Tuesdays to Fridays, and you will still need to reserve tickets in advance. You can go by bus, by train or even by metro. There are multiple options to reach there and that also within your budget.

·        Quart and Serranos Towers

The walled city of Valencia is protected by these towers. This is one of the historic landmarks as well as the best example of exceptional architecture and design. The architecture of these towers is still an inspiration for builders. Of course, we have heavy machinery now, but this is inspiring about the times when people were talented enough to build such landmarks without the help of technology. It is open throughout the week, but it would be prudent to double check the timings before going there.

What to Eat & Drink?

Paella is the specialty of Valencia, and your journey is incomplete without trying this local cuisine. Not to worry though, it won’t be hard to find a restaurant with good paella, as almost every restaurant serves this dish. There are some of the best restaurants in the corner of squares. Usually, Paella Valenciana contains chicken, rabbit, snails, and both green and butter beans. You can try other combinations too, that is entirely up to your palate and preference.

Agua de Valencia is the famous drink of Valencia, the combination of orange juice, cava (or champagne), vodka and a splash of gin. Rococo Café de las Horas is the top choice for trying this drink. You may find some other refreshing drinks too. This café has some of the best in its menu so, don’t forget to try at least one in a day.

How to get around the Town?

If you have your driving documents, you can rent a car for your holidays. Otherwise, you can get around by bus, train or metro. All of the local travel options are quite affordable and safe for solo travelers. In fact, traveling through local transportation can be more fun and delightful experience for a foreigner.

However, the ideal way to get around the city is on foot but not for exploring the beach or other faraway places. You can hire a tour guide through the groups and companies that offer vacation packages. Start packing for your next vacation now!



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